RFID: Radio Frequency IDentification

RFID technology can be used to identify an item, track it and read its characteristics remotely by embedding an electronic chip that emits radio waves in the object.

It is possible to incorporate a chip, provided either by CODIPRO or by the user, into the CODIPRO range of lifting rings.

If the customer opts for insertion of the CODIPRO chip, it will systematically contain the individual traceability code of the lifting ring. Personalised information, requested by the user, such as the lifting ring model, type of thread and date of the last control, can be added to the chip.

The main advantages of RFID:

  • Fast and effective reading, monitoring and management of information
  • Lower costs and less time spent on controls
  • Process reliability: no more data entry errors

Radio frequency identification has proven to be very useful when it comes to the annual control of liftingaccessories.

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See the RFID data sheet in PDF format

An RFID chip can be inserted into CODIPRO lifting ringsCODIPRO offers RFID to users of its lifting ringsCODIPRO incorporates RFID technology into its lifting rings