The individual traceability: CODIPRO's biggest trump

The directive on machinery (2006/42/EC) says that:

  • lifting rings have to be marked CE,
  • a conformance certificate and use recommendation have to be supplied with each delivery,
  • the manufacturer has to be clearly identified.

CODIPRO offers even more: each swivel lifiting ring is individually identifiable and delivered with a conformance certificate.

Each swivel lifting ring, manufactured by CODIPRO, is marked on a visible place with a sequential number and the production date. This information can also be found on the conformance certificate.

Each lifting ring has an individual code.

Production marks, which enable to identify the used material charge for the manufacturing, are marked on the axis and the shackle of the lifting ring.

CODIRPRO could also react very quickly if a problem occurs with a material charge. We could identify the swivel lifting rings, which were manufactured with the defect material charge and we could inform you personally.

Furthermore there are other marks on the swivel lifting rings of CODIPRO.

On the shackle is graved the following: the CE mark, the steel class, the type of lifting ring and our contact details.

On the shackle are also graved some marks.

On the axis stands: the model of lifting ring and the WLL.

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All this information is accurately recorded in our data base. By this means, we can identify and trace each swivel lifting ring, even incomplete or damaged, and this... for YOUR SAFETY!