DSS double swivel shackles: specific solutions

The DSS double swivel shackle has been especially designed for lifting heavy and/or unwieldy goods.

Available from M30 to M64 as standard for loads from 6.3 to 32.1 t

See our standard DSS double swivel shackles

Our team can produce customised DSS double swivel shackles in a very short time and by the piece.

Every detail can be adapted (colour, axis, pitch, ...) except our commitment to your security .

Therefore, each ring is tested, engraved and delivered with a certificate of conformity.

Overview of specific DSS double swivel shackle solutions.

Double swivel shackle DSS M36 of 400mm length with washer, nut and counter nut
Double swivel shackle DSS+C M36 with centring, centring washer and bolt
Double swivel shackle DSS M56 with spacer of 110 diameter to 150mm
Safety double swivel shackle DSS M64 threaded 600mm with nut
Double swivel shackles DSS M48x4 of 480mm length with nut
Double swivel shackles DSS M64 with pitch 4 and a length of 250mm
DSS with large axis and nut
Double swivel lfting ring DSS +C M64 equipped with specific centring, centring washer and nut 2H M64
Double swivel shackles DSS M56 with a 450 mm long bolt from which 1500 mm are threaded and equipped with nuts
Double swivel shackles 2'' UNC of 270mm length
Double swivel shackle DSS 1'' 1/4 -6 UNC of 180mm length
Female double swivel shackle with unthreaded hole of diameter 34 (threaded hole also possible )