DSR double swivel rings: specific solutions

The double articulation allows it to line up perfectly with the sling. Therefore the DSR double swivel ring is ideally suited for rotational lifting.

Available from M8 to M30 as standard for loads from 0.3 to 6.3 t

See our standard DSR double swivel rings

Our team can produce customised DSR double swivel rings in a very short time.

Produced according to the customer's specifications, each ring is tested, engraved and delivered with a certificate of conformity.

Overview of specific DSR double swivel ring solutions.

DSR double swivel ring M20 with brass washers.
Double swivel ring DSR M27 of 180 mm length.
Double swivel ring DSR M22 with plain, then threaded bolt (30mm) and nut.
Black double swivel ring DSR UNC 1/2'' -13 (upon request).
DSR double swivel ring 1'' 8-UNC with a 200mm threaded bolt.
DSR+C M16 double swivel ring with centring.
Grey double swivel ring DSR M10. RAL colours available on demand.
Double swivel rings DSR M30 with nylon and aluminium brace.
Lifting ring DSR M24 with pitch 2, unthreaded and threaded bolt.
Double swivel ring DSR M20 with centring and specific nut.