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CODIPRO has developed a new unique ring... the Giga DSS.

Its features:

  • A 125-tons WLL (Working Load Limit) with only one fixing point
  • A safety coefficient of 5
  • A bevel on the thread that makes the screwing easier
  • Two kinds of axles according to your needs:

Giga DSS axe standard Standard version: Giga DSS

Giga DSS+Q axe rapide Quick version: Giga DSS+Q, with a tensioning screw

Discover the GIGA DSS swivel lifting ring by watching our video.

CODIPRO offers various options to make the use of that unique new ring easier:

  • Specific packaging: resistant, reusable, easy-to-use crate, for a perfect protection during both the transport and the storage.
  • Tailor-made handling kit: easy use and optimum security while assembling the ring.
  • Maintenance kit: torque wrench, replacement screw, lubrication grease, etc.

A research department at your disposal

The Giga DSS is the biggest swivel lifting ring ever made, from an innovative and reliable brand.gamme DSS Like all the CODIPRO swivel lifting rings, the Giga can be tailor-made and meet your needs and demands with the same quality criteria as all the rings of the brand. Besides, the lifting ring is in compliance with the "Machinery directive" (2006/42/CE).

Consult the Giga DSS brochure for further information about this record ring.