Reorganization of the CODIPRO workshop


Flexibility, sensible use of staff time, stock optimization and production in line with the actual needs of partners and distributors: CODIPROis completely reorganizing its articulated lifting ring production workshop according to the KANBAN method.

What is KANBAN?

Established in Japan after the Second World War, this method favors production with a minimal amount of stock.

"It is no longer enough to have a large stock of rings. Nowadays, what we want is to have an appropriate and adapted stock. This new management method will allow us to be more flexible, so we can continue to serve our customers with very short turnaround times (shipment 1 or 2 days after receiving the order),” explains CODIPRO's CEO Christophe Losange.

Implementation of new quality controls, balancing of the supply chain, ergonomic roles for employees, renovation of the workshop... CODIPRO has left nothing to chance in implementing this new workflow, which favors more frequent production runs of smaller quantities of articulated lifting rings.

CSR-compliant management

CODIPRO is CSR certified and always has its staff's well-being in mind. This method is also an integral part of the improvement program for working conditions as staff roles are more ergonomic and the loads handled are minimized.

This methodology was implemented with the assistance of Résultance as part of CODIPRO's involvement in the “Fit4Innovation” program (cf. newsletter article no. 3).

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