Quality and safety in packaging.


To provide maximum protection for its articulated lifting rings during transportation, CODIPRO packages its shipments in folding plywood and steel boxes from NO-NAIL BOXES, another company within the ALIPA Group. These boxes come with the option of being equipped with RFID chips or adhesive tamper-proof ribbons to ensure the security of the rings during transportation.

RFID Traceability

To ensure optimal traceability, all boxes and pallets originating from NO-NAIL BOXES workshops can be equipped with radio frequency identification tags. This technology means that the crate can be identified, its journey tracked and its properties determined from a distance thanks to an electronic chip that is built into the case and emits radio waves.

This electronic chip can be either placed on the crate or inserted into the pallet in a watertight fitting to protect it from outside conditions.


Tamper-proof stickers

To increase security, wooden boxes from NO-NAIL BOXES can be fitted with specific adhesive ribbons to protect them from tampering and theft. By leaving a security message on the label and the surface, these labels allow any unauthorized handling to be detected at first glance.

Bande anti-intrusion