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ALIPA Group hires 20 students this summerwww.chronicle.lu08-2017
Mennens and CODIPRO, samen een sterk team!Mennens Magazine06-2017
CODIPRO welcomes Amercian partnerswww.chronicle.lu04-2017
CODIPRO offers the full range of swivel lifting rings in stainless steelWire Rope News & Sling Technology12-2016
CODIPRO Hits the U.S. Market With a Game-Changing Hoist Ring
Luxembourg SME Attributes 500% South Korea Sales to EU FTAswww.chronicle.lu07-2016
Video: Swivel shackle with impressive lifting powerwww.nord-lock.com05-2016
CODIPRO launches the most efficient swivel lifting ring ever madeWire Rope News & Sling Technology02-2016
CODIPRO launches the most efficient swivel lifting ring ever madewww.directindustry.com11-2015
The Young Executive Stay Program YES IX in JapanBJA report - Trade Flows and Cultural News03-2015
Lifting-ring training on-lineLift and Hoist Magazine03-2015
Lifting-ring training on-linewww.liftandhoist.com02-2015
CODIPRO Introduces an e-Learning Platformhttp://wireropeexchange.com02-2015
CODIPRO Recinforces Competences of its Global Distribution Network using eLearning.www.chronicle.lu02-2015
Thanks to e-learning, CODIPRO (ALIPA Group) is innovating in the reinforcement of the competences of its global distribution network à l'e-learning.www.corporatenews.lu02-2015
CODIPRO's Swivel Rings Charm JapanWire Rope Exchange01-2015
Japanese progress for CODIPROhttp://tradeatonce.com01-2015
Japanese progress for CODIPROwww.cranestodaymagazine.com12-2014
CODIPRO Exports First Load of Swivel Hoist Rings to Japanhttp://dexia.lu12-2014
CODIPRO exports first load of swivel hoist rings to Japanwww.chronicle.lu12-2014
CODIPRO's swivel lifting rings charm Japanwww.corporatenews.lu12-2014
CODIPRO's swivel lifting rings charm Japanhttp://wireropeexchange.com12-2014
Luxembourg's CODIPRO Participates in Young Executive Programme in Japanwww.chronicle.lu09-2014
YES IX Program (Young Executive Stay) Commercial export mission to Japan - CODIPROBJA REPORT08-2014
CODIPRO's 2nd participation at the CEMAT trade fair is a great successwww.corporatenews.lu05 2014
ALIPA Group opens its doors to young Europeans.www.chronicle.lu05 2014
Welded Lifting Rings make their debut un CODIPRO's Rangewireropeexchange.wordpress.com04 2014
Show Preview Liftex 2014 : CODIPROLift & Hoist International04 2014
Job Shadow Day in Wiltzwww.chronicle.lu04 2014
CODIPRO Renews Partnership with Italian Distributor COMATwww.chronicle.lu03 2014
CODIPRO Welcomes the World to Wiltzwww.chronicle.lu02 2014
Innovation in action - Michèle Detaille, ALIPA GroupIP'RAMAN°1 - 2014

Real Good Food Company Europe crowned Best British Newcomer in Export Awards

12 2013

Winners announced for 17th annual Golden Bridge Export Awards

11 2013

Golden Bridge Export Awards : Celebrating UK export success in Belgium and Luxembourg

11 2013

Liftex 2013 Preview : CODIPRO

LHI - Lift & Hoist International

09 2013

Luxembourg company "CODIPRO" expands into the Russian market


European SME Week - Entrepreneurs portraits by country

02 2012

New inspection technology for marine industry

04 2012

CODIPRO honored with Export Award

The Wire

02 2012

CODIPRO wins the First Export Award for Luxembourg SME

01 2012
International : Codiprolux S.AMERKUR01/02 2010
French-Headquartered Swivel Ring Manufacturer Codipro reinforces its partnership with Italian Swivel Ring DistributorEuropean Tool & Mould MakingMarch 2009