New: laser engraving from CODIPRO


CODIPRO has acquired a new machine for laser engraving the markings required under the European standards currently in force, in addition to more customized information.

Individual markings for greater traceability

In compliance with the Machinery Directive (2006/42/CE), every lifting ring produced by CODIPRO carries a mark in a visible location comprising a serial number and the date of manufacture. This information also features on the compliance certificate.

Production markings, which make it possible to identify the lots of the materials used in the manufacture, as well as the CE marking, steel grade, SWL, type of ring and contact details for CODIPRO are also engraved on the axis and shackle of each ring to ensure absolute individual traceability.

Advantages include precision, safety and improved well-being of operators

This new engraving machine is one of the highest-performing on the market. It will allow CODIPRO to engrave several lifting rings simultaneously with greater precision and clarity and in an automated way. Unit-by-unit marking is also possible.

In order to ensure optimum safety, the engraver can only be operated by pressing 2 buttons at once.

The laser is quieter than a micro-percussion engraver and also improves working conditions for operators, an important consideration for CSR-certified CODIPRO.

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