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Chaque élément de l'anneau de levage est contrôlé

We undertake the annuel control of your CODIPRO swivel lifting rings

10/12/2015 : According to the law, an in-depth check-up of the lifting material, amongst which theswivel lifting rings, must be done at least once a year.

CODIPRO - the specialist of specific and heavy lifting solutions

28/10/2015 : CODIPRO has developed a new unique ring... the Giga DSS.

In 2016, CODIPRO offers you even more for the same price

26/10/2015 : We will be able to keep constant prices, mostof all thanks to the stability of the raw material prices.

The swivel lifting ring of all records, patience for only 2 more weeks...

01/10/2015 : It's a revolution in the lifting world: CODIPRO is about to launch its Giga DSS, a swivel lifting ring with the highest Working Load Limit (WLL) on the market. A single ring can lift up to 125 tons... and all this in a unique fixing point.