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YES for CODIPRO in China

01/02/2017 : After successfully participating in the 10th edition of the Say YES to Japan program in 2014, CODIPRO was selected to participate in the 1st edition of the YES (Young Executive Stay Program IX) Program in China from December 5 to 9, 2016.

Clever akafen - CODIPRO buys products recommended by the SuperDrecksKëscht

03/01/2017 : With the Clever akafen campaign, the SuperDrecksKëscht® increases the visibility of ecologic and low-waste products. For this purpose, products are marked with the label Clever akafen – Product recommended by the SuperDrecksKëscht®.

2016 “Actions Positives” Awards: a triumph for ALIPA!

14/11/2016 : The Equal Opportunities Minister Lydia Mutsch awarded the ‘Actions Positives' label to the winners, which included the ALIPA Group.

E-mail dispatch of invoices and certificates of conformity for CODIPRO lifting rings.

16/10/2016 : CSR-certified and mindful of current environmental and ecological concerns, CODIPRO is now going paperless.

CODIPRO: a company that looks after its employees

14/10/2016 : Mindful that workplace well-being for all boosts company success, CODIPRO is committed to ensuring professional comfort for its employees.

Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Bolt: SS.SEB

The full range of swivel lifting rings available in stainless steel

14/10/2016 : The CODIPRO stainless steel lifting rings are particularly well suited to harsh (damp, corrosive, chemical or marine) environments and the food sector.

CODIPRO has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, 2015 version certification

09/09/2016 : Learn more about the new versions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Who won the CODIPRO photo competition?

07/07/2016 : After intensive deliberations, CODIPRO has a winner for its Photo competition.

We're open and at your disposal the whole summer !

01/07/2016 : No holiday for CODIPRO!

CODIPRO adapts to changing standards

24/06/2016 : New versions of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality and management standards were recently published. The quality service at ALIPA Group, to which CODIPRO belongs, is therefore adapting its procedures and processes to ensure compliance with these new versions.

Quality and safety in packaging.

24/06/2016 : To provide maximum protection for its articulated lifting rings during transportation, CODIPRO packages its shipments in folding plywood and steel boxes from NO-NAIL BOXES, another company within the ALIPA Group. These boxes come with the option of being equipped with RFID chips or adhesive tamper-proof ribbons to ensure the security of the rings during transportation.

Reorganization of the CODIPRO workshop

24/06/2016 : Flexibility, sensible use of staff time, stock optimization and production in line with the actual needs of partners and distributors: CODIPROis completely reorganizing its articulated lifting ring production workshop according to the KANBAN method.

Individual packaging: a new service for distributors

24/06/2016 : Providing materials, technical catalogs, training and more, CODIPRO is committed to continually providing its distribution partners with new services.

New: laser engraving from CODIPRO

24/06/2016 : CODIPRO has acquired a new machine for laser engraving the markings required under the European standards currently in force, in addition to more customized information.

CODIPRO is closed during Luxembourg National Day on 23 June

07/06/2016 : Our offices and workshops are closed on Thursday 23 June 2016 due to Luxembourg National Day.For any information on our articulated lifting eye bolts, contact our sales representatives, Benoît Cop on +32 496 54 53 33 / or Luc Despineux on +352 621 81 36 39 /

Discover the GIGA DSS swivel hoist ring from CODIPRO at CeMAT in Hannover!

17/05/2016 : Do you know the GIGA DSS swivel lifting ring from CODIPRO yet? This ring was especially developed for lifting and turning loads up to 125 tons.

CODIPRO : Public holidays coming up in May, check your swivel lifting rings stock level !

02/05/2016 : We inform you that CODIPRO is closed on :on Thursday 5th and Friday 6 May,on Monday 16th May 2016.Our sales representatives, Benoît Cop (+352 26 81 54 34 / ) and Luc Despineux (+352 26 81 54 49/ are at your disposal for any further information about our swivel lifting rings.

Discover CODIPRO's specific swivel hoist rings in New Orleans!

30/03/2016 : We look forward to you stopping by our stand 704 at the AWRF 2016 Spring General Meeting & P.I.E. in New Orleans, LA from 17th to 20th of April 2016. We will have our full product line of swivel hoist rings on display and can share with you the technical features offered by CODIPRO.


Discover the specific CODIPRO swivel lifting rings at the ESEF fair in Utrecht

24/02/2016 : CODIPRO presents its specialty, customized swivel lifting rings, at the ESEF trade fair in Utrecht from the 15th to the 18th of March.