In 2016, CODIPRO offers you even more for the same price


We will be able to keep constant prices, mostof all thanks to the stability of the raw material prices.

At CODIPRO, the only thing that rises is our commitments:

  • TIMELINESS: CODIPRO has the shortest delivery time on the market. Moreover, we have just signed an agreement with new logistics partners who will ensure an even faster shipment to many countries.
  • REACTIVITY: even if CODIPRO has been growing a lot over the past few years, we still offer the production of specific lifting rings from one single piece ordered.
  • QUALITY: We are going to invest in a brand new production workshop. That will allow us to deliver every ring in an individual packaging with the CE certificate of conformity and use recommendations.
  • EASYNESS: thanks to a transparent packaging and a clever folding of the certificate of conformity, the management of the rings at the receiving will be even simpler and, as a result, faster.

For further information about our new products in 2016, please contact our sales representative Emilie Jacques: +352 26 81 54 - 39.