CODIPRO: a company that looks after its employees


Mindful that workplace well-being for all boosts company success, CODIPRO is committed to ensuring professional comfort for its employees.

New work spaces

As mentioned in the last newsletter, CODIPRO has recently reorganized its entire swivel lifting ring production workshop in line with the KANBAN method.

This method favors production with very low stock levels and the ergonomic organization of work stations. The result is minimal loads for handling and improved working conditions for operators.

CODIPRO has also invested in new cutting-edge machines such as the engraving machine, one of the best on the market.

A friendly open-plan layout has also been introduced in the offices.

"This work space encourages friendliness and responsiveness and makes it easier to communicate with other employees," explains Christophe Losange, Director of CODIPRO.

And that's not all

At ALIPA and CODIPRO, workplace well-being is a multi-faceted initiative with baskets of fresh fruit provided daily, adapted time slots and part-time parental leave offered to both male and female Group employees when the position allows it.

"Granting parental leave encourages commitment and helps ensure continually high service quality for our customers. What's more, given the growth of our business, we often keep the new employees following the replacement period if they work well," says Christophe Losange.