A full service meeting all your needs


The companies of the ALIPA Group create quality products that ensure the safety of both people and goods:

Each company within the ALIPA Group is able to respond to your needs and demands and to create products accordingly:

  • A multilingual team always available for advice
  • A research department including engineers and draftsmen who:
    • study the product specifications;
    • make the modeling (stress analysis, dynamic simulation, etc.);
    • run the physical tests (test load, rupture test, etc.);
    • finalize the approval
  • A team of technicians and salesmen who come on site if needed, to offer our clients a continuing education
  • A production team that ensures short and respected delivery times of high quality products

Among the innovation cells of the Group, technicians work constantly to improve the current range and to research and develop new kinds of products.

Cellule innovation CODIPRO