YES for CODIPRO in Japan!


CODIPRO was selected alongside seven other companies to participate in the YES program (Young Executive Stay Program IX) in Japan. 

Organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Belgium and Luxembourg in Japan (BLCCJ), the Belgium-Japanese & Chamber of Commerce Association (BJA), the objective of this program is to introduce familiarize small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with Japanese business practices in a short period of time and at lower costs. 

Various seminars and intensive preparation sessions have already enabled 8 participants to receive first-class information on export procedures to Japan.  "We have benefited from expert advice for accessing the Japanese market where the business culture is totally different from that of Europe," says Benoît Cop, Export Manager for CODIPRO.

Visite de l'atelier de production de CODIPRO à Wiltz pour Ken Tanaka et d'autres auxiliaires japonais du Programme YES.On the ground, the auxiliary staff of BLCCJ, assist them in identifying potential partners.  « Japanese technology and industry is cutting-edge. Our top quality swivel lifting rings have their own place on the market there.  With the invaluable help of Ken Tanaka, my Japanese contact who has just spent several days in our offices to further his knowledge on the characteristics and technicalities of our rings, we are availing of this opportunity to prepare a comprehensive product file » says Benoît.  

« Japanese businesses are intransigent about product quality and the safety of goods and people. Following the visit to the production workshop of CODIPRO, I realized that we share the same philosophy on these crucial issues. That reassures me for the rest of the project » says Ken Tanaka.

Are there opportunities for CODIPRO?

CODIPRO is committed to finalizing agreements with potential distributors with whom they are already in contact and to visit a dozen others with the aim of developing a distribution network covering the whole of Japan.