The retaining springs are now available on the DSS swivel lifting rings.


Attentive to safety as far as lifting is concerned, CODIPRO provides its swivel lifting rings with retaining springs. Option available for several years on the lifting rings with double DSR articulation, CODIPRO's innovation unit has now extended it to DSS universal lifting rings.

Retaining springs can increase safety for goods and people during lifting operations. "They keep the shackle in place during handling operations in order to prevent, for example, the ring from colliding with the machine/unit or injuring an operator when removing the hook, " explains engineer Jérôme Balthazard.

With retaining springs, CODIPRO's swivel lifting rings are easier to use. Ergonomic, only one person is required to handle them.

Tested for several months and intensively with clients, they do not prevent the ring from rotating during lifting operations.

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