The CODIPRO swivel lifting rings undergo numerous tests.


CODIPRO pays particular attention to the quality of its swivel lifting rings throughout their manufacturing process and each step of production is strictly in accordance with Quality Management Systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001 standards and current standards, namely the harmonized European standards on lifting and the machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

In fact, the swivel lifting rings of CODIPRO are manufactured in compliance with the standard EN1677-1.  This means that they meet theIMG_7938 essential safety requirements and are regularly subjected to very stringent checks.

Thus, to ensure your safety, several types of tests must be carried out to check the strength and quality of the swivel lifting rings:

  • Tensile rupture test

  • Tensile test with load at WLL x 2.5

  • Stress test: tensile/release tests on a series of 20,000 cycles at WLL x 1.5  

To further guarantee safety CODIPRO has recently acquired a most effective tensile test bench that enables them to perform in-house testing up to 80t. Additionally we also work with an external certification body that validates the tests carried out internally and which tests the larger tonnages.

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