Sturdiness and safety up to shipping


To provide greater protection for its swivel lifting rings during transport, CODIPRO sends them in folding boxes made of plywood and steel made by NO-NAIL BOXES, another Groupe ALIPA company.

While Groupe ALIPA companies work independently, they have the same philosophy and shared values : quality, safety and respect.

Just like CODIPRO swivel lifting rings, the plywood and steel folding boxes made by NO-NAIL BOXES are high-quality products. Solid items thanks to their design and assembly system, they can withstand a pressure of several tons. They are sturdy and very resistant to drops, stacking and difficult transport conditions. Compliant with current phytosanitary standards (NIMP15) and particularly suitable for sending CODIPRO swivel lifting rings all over the world.

"We make quality rings and the same care must be taken in packing them. A number of clients compliment us on the packaging. They see it as a guarantee of our serious, professional approach and, above all, as a sign of respect. Indeed, it is always nicer to receive a parcel with quality packaging that has withstood the risks of transportation, rather than a cardboard box, half deteriorated or damaged by humidity. Moreover, these folding crates by NO-NAIL BOXES are entirely made of plywood and steel and can be easily recycled, something that fits in very well with CODIPRO's values," says CODIPRO's Christophe Losange.

For greater safety, CODIPRO employs an ALIPA stamped strapping system. "We are the only ones using this strapping system. Should anyone with bad intentions cut it and replace it with another one, we would realise it immediately," he says.

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