CODIPRO's 2nd participation at the CEMAT trade fair is a great success.


We recently participated in the CEMAT trade fair, one of the most important events in Germany for Experts sector. The event was held from 19 to 23 May, 2014 in Hanover.

We shared our stand with NO-NAIL BOXES, sister company which is also part of ALIPA Group. We presented our swivel lifting rings and our new products, like the PE.SEB fall protection anchorage ring especially for safety of individuals and our weld-on rings, WE.DSR and WE.DSS

Specialised in specific or customized lifting rings tailored to customer requirements, during these five days we also highlighted the custom-made products. CODIPRO can provide a unit production and can delivery within a very short period of time: both length (with threaded and/or unthreaded part), different threads (metric, imperial size, GAZ, Whitworth, etc.), colour, coating, etc.