A new look!


CODIPRO is participating in the "Fit4Innovation" program designed to help small and medium size Luxembourg companies to access low-cost innovation with the assistance of external experts.

Innovation, is more than just the simple development of new swivel lifting rings; innovation also is about improving manufacturing processes, redefining customer approaches, marketing and after-sales services to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

«We are always questioning ourselves in order to continually improve the quality of our services and rings. However, we sometimes lack perspective. It is then of great benefit to obtain piece of advice from external consultants who take a fresh and critical look at our products and manufacturing processes" says Christophe Losange, director of CODIPRO.

Thus, since the beginning of 2014, experts from the company Résultance have been commenting on the CODIPRO organisation and other companies belonging to ALIPA Group in order to assist them on improving themselves to better meet market challenges.

«We improve and innovate, these are the conditions allowing us to continue to be resilient to the profound changes in the global economy and which ensure the growth of CODIPRO» he concludes.