ALIPA: a "students welcome" Group.

The ALIPA Group, to which CODIPRO belongs, regularly welcomes students from all backgrounds and fields of study.

Generosity, reference, ... what makes ALIPA go for these young people?

Extract from the editorial of Michèle Detaille, Group Director - ALIPA's internal magazine no. 4.

"ALIPA welcomes numerous students: trainees as part of their studies or "casual workers" during school holidays.

I attach a lot of importance to the presence of these young people in our company, for several reasons.

First of all out of generosity: it's not always easy for all young people to find an interesting holiday job or work placement in a company.

By reference from Alipa's employees: as a matter of preference we choose students form their families or from families of friends, obviously provided that they correspond to our professional and behaviour criteria.

To let them get to know the industry and to attract a quality workforce to the industry by showing that you can make a living, flourish and have an interesting job in a production company.

To play our role in society. If no-one agrees to pass on their knowledge, if no company allows young people to get to know the joys but also the constraints of employment, it's hardly surprising that they sometimes lack motivation, they don't know job to choose later and they are not very effective in their first job, is it?

Because a work placement or a student job is an excellent way for us to spot good people: Monique, Valentine, Benoit, Melissa, Anne-Lise, Gaétan, Arnaud , ... some of the trainees or students who are working for us.

Because we can, under the supervision of a manager, of course, give them tasks that we don't have the time to do: machine drawing and construction, satisfaction survey, market study, canvassing, simple accounting work, etc.

Because the presence of young people improves us: their naive or irrelevant questions force us to think about how we work, and to give clear and convincing explanations. They also teach us a little about how they see things...

All of this, of course, is only possible if everyone in contact with the young people welcomes them with conviction, shares their know-how and adopts a positive attitude.

We are very anxious that all members of staff are welcoming to the students that they work with in our group and we insist that each departmental manager and team leader instils this welcoming spirit in its employees and encourages the presence of students in his or her team. "