Now, CODIPRO has a complete range of lifting rings SEB from M8 to M48!


More than swivelling rings, the SEB swivel lifting rings made by CODIPRO can be used for lifting under the load. Fitted with an " automatic position recovery system" , the rings line up directly in the lifting direction.

Now, CODIPRO widens its range of SEB rings with new models of smaller diameters ( SEB M8, SEB M10 and SEB M12 ) but also with a ring able to lift loads up to 15 tons, SEB M48.

All these models are also available in «+C», i.e. equipped with a patented centering system . This system increases the strength of bolt when the ring is used at 90°.

In really short lead time
, CODIPRO can also produce non standard SEB rings which will meet your specifications (bolt length, thread type, color...)

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, we are at your entire disposal:

3 sebAnneau de levage pivotant SEB avec tige filetée longue + écrouAnneau de levage articulé + centrage : SEB +C