Codipro launchs a new central safety shackle with a smaller WLL


The central safety shackle (CSS) for loads of 20 tonnes expands the range of swivel lifting rings produced by CODIPRO.

The central safety shackles are specially designed to handle heavy loads. CODIPRO already provides a central safety shackle CSS delivered with 4 screws M36, which can lift up to 32,250 tonnes.

By developing a CSS safety shackle with a smaller WLL at an appropriate price, CODIPRO takes into account customers' needs, who want to use the CSS safety shackle for smaller loads.

The new CSS safety shackle , lifting 20 tonnes WLL, will be delivered with 2 screws M36 and has a safety factor 4.

A similar safety shackle, for loads from 55 to 60 tonnes, will be available in early 2009.

Please contact us, for further information or a general documentation on these safety shackles.