Universal weld-on swivel hoist ring

WE.DSS universal weld-on swivel hoist ring

The advantages

The WE.DSS universal weld-on swivel hoist ring has been designed to ensure lifting operations with rotation.

Its double articulation means that it can be perfectly aligned with the sling.

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The characteristics of the universal weld-on swivel hoist ring:

  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Safety coefficient 5
  • WLL up to 10 tons
  • Made with highly resilient steel
  • Can be loaded in any direction
  • Each one is individually engraved
  • Can rotate when the load has been placed
  • Comes with certificate of conformity and instruction leaflets.

Also take a look at double articulated weld-on swivel hoist ring: WE.DSR

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ReferenceWLL3D Stp fileOther 2D/3D file
WE.DSS 1010 TView 3D Stp fileView other 2D/3D

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Universal weld-on swivel hoist ring

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