Technical sales training

Because you sell best what you know best, CODIPRO offers its swivel lifting ring distributors a technical and sales training.

The training lasts about 2 hours and can be provided in our premises or directly at our distributors' location.

Although the meeting aims primary at developing our partnership, targeted purposes are:

  • Perfecting technical skills about our articulated lifting rings
  • Gain general knowledge about our articulated lifting rings
  • key sales arguments (CODIPRO's products' strength, market analysis, ...)

In addition, the training gives insight into CODIPRO's business philosophy, its team, as well as its product strengths, such as a specialist for specific articulated lifting rings. (Training contents overview).

As a follow up the participants can ask questions about our swivel lifting rings or lifting in general. Each participant receives a technical file with a summary of the training session.

The participants are kept up to date with news about CODIPRO's range of products.

If you wish to organize a training session, please contact Benoît COP (training manager):