Our team


Christophe LOSANGE

Christophe LOSANGE - Director

Purchasing and Technical department

Denis MonhonvalDenis Monhonval

Denis MONHONVAL - Technical and Purchasing Responsible

Marc Impens - Codipro

Marc IMPENS - Business Developer

Denis MonhonvalRoland Klénes

Roland KLENES - Technical Designer

Michael MagerotteMichael Magerotte

Michaël MAGEROTTE - Production and Products Responsible

Customer service

Kathleen HenkinetKathleen Henkinet

Kathleen HENKINET - Customer Service

Monique ApolinarioMonique Apolinario

Monique APOLINARIO - Customer Service

Sales department

Martin Poth

Martin POTH - Sales Responsible

Martin Poth

Jérôme BALTHAZARD - Sales Department (France)

Benoit Cop

Benoît COP - Export Responsible (North America, Oceania and Asia)

Sébastien Deblire

Sébastien DEBLIRE - Sales Department (South America, Portugal, Spain, Mexico and Middle East)

Luc Despineux - CODIPRO

Luc DESPINEUX - Sales Department (Belgium ,the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Scandinavia and Africa)

Claudia Grégoire

Claudia GREGOIRE - Sales Department

Emilie Jacques

Emilie JACQUES - Sales Department

Yves Jost - Codipro

Yves JOST - Sales Department (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)

Nicolas Rober

Nicolas ROBER - Sales Department


Evelyne WEYNAND - Sales Department



Steve HENRICOT - Workshop Responsible