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Welcome to our website!

CODIPRO manufactures swivel lifting rings and distributes them all over the world. Thanks to its simple, double or triple articulation, the CODIPRO lifting rings are especially designed for the lifting and turning of heavy loads.

CODIPRO offers a wide range of lifting rings: swivel lifting rings, universal lifting rings, stainless steel lifting rings, female lifting rings, stainless steel female lifting rings... All our standard rings are in stock and our technical team is at your disposal for any specific request. We guarantee short and respected delivery times.

We designed this website to enable you to find all the information about our swivel lifting rings and our company. So, you can find detailed technical datasheets, links to technical plans in 2D and 3D, information on our centring system, the individual traceability of each lifting ring, the new European directive on machinery...

We invite you to use our configurator that enables you to determinate quickly the appropriate lifting ring for your lifting.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or remarks on our website or our products. We are at your disposal.

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